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More than just Opening Doors

Biometric Access Control Systems are digital systems used to control entry and exit into and out of premises. Biometric access control methods include fingerprint scanners, face detection, key cards, passwords and PIN. These systems will enable you to prevent unauthorized access to your home or business.

At Freertron Systems, our biometrics identification scanners and door locks eliminate the need for access control cards and keypad codes. We are a leader in Biometric Access control. Our team of experts are always informed on the current trends in Biometric Access Control. 


Identity authentication based on physical attributes


Securely restrict access to sensitive operations, perimeters and assets


Integrates with existing access control systems in your home/business


Easy to manage and administer on an individual user basis

Door Card Access Control.

The first step in protecting your people, property and assets is by tracking and restricting door or gate entry access to only authorized persons. Access Control  Cards have slowly replaced keys and ID badges in many organizations. 

Freertron Systems has established itself as a leader in both home and corporate security. Our access control systems are modular, whether you need to control access to a single door, a complex multi-site facility, or anything in-between. We provide complete end-to-end solutions to guarantee maximum security.

Access Control System Models

We'll help you choose

We make it easy to let the right people into your building and keep the wrong ones out. Our access control systems are designed to fit your business needs for performance, flexibility, and cost.

Web-based Access Control

Entirely cloud-based and store permissions on the web rather than on a physical device.

Mobile-based Access Control

Using a smartphone, security teams can remotely access every aspect of a business's security system.

IoT-based Access Control

Connects all access control software and hardware via one network allowing instant updates on the devices.

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