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Intelligent Queue Management System

POS & Queuing Systems offer a complete solution to queue management and enhance the overall customer experience. In this capacity, Freertron Systems is here to help!

Key Features

Easy Queue Management

Our revolutionary queue management system can generate reports to allow system managers to estimate the number of queueng and served customers per day for a more informed budget allocation decision

Queue Display Management

Queue displays are used to show the queue status, enabling customers to easily view the queue status in real-time. Our queue system provides live data of customers streaming into your business

minimize your documents

Our fully integrated POS system is completely soft and eliminates the hassle of having to handle customer data on paper.

follow client payments

Easily track your clients' payments and keep a detailed record of the whole customer interaction journey to identify loopholes in your business.

automate repeating tasks

Tired of repetitive tasks? Our POS system allows automation of repetitive tasks by creation of a template that you can readily call when needed.

saved to the cloud

Data storage is a big problem for most business. Our system syncs all your data to the cloud and makes it readily available from anywhere.

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